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Skyland Farm attends many of the country’s top East Coast shows as well as zone and local competitions when scheduling allows. Please check our Calendar Page for the year’s showing itinerary.  A variety of Show Care options are available for differing needs.

Full Care 

  • Includes trimming and bathing the day the horse leaves for the show.
  • Includes training/riding, stall cleaning, feeding, all grooming, wrapping and cleaning bridles, martingales and girths. Does not include someone holding the horse at the ring if the owner is present and capable.
  • Fees are based on a three-horse minimum attending the show. For one or two horses attending a show, please check for fees specific to that situation.
  • Customers will be billed for bedding needed at show. Hay and grain is included.
  • Unbraiding is the responsibility of the owner. For exceptional circumstances, arrangements can be made with the grooms for an additional fee.

Training/Riding Only

  • Owner provides all care, including hay, feed and bedding.
  • Jumpers with only one class per day will be charged half of the daily rate.

Show Rates: Will be effective the day the horse leaves until the day he returns. We pack and load trunks, equipment and horses as well as set up when we arrive.

Hotels and Travel: All customers will be charged their share of trainer and grooms’ hotel rooms and travel expenses, if necessary. All accommodations will be made in the most reasonably priced, clean and safe hotels available. The amount billed will be divided equally among customers, per horse, when the horse is attending the show.

Tack Stalls: Will be  divided equally among the number of horses and billed accordingly.

Per Diem Fee:  A Per Diem Fee per groom per day that will be divided by the number of horses at the show and billed accordingly.

Show Commitments: Commitments to attend a show must be made by the Monday before, at the latest, for stall counts, shipping and grooming arrangements. If you cancel after Monday you may be billed for additional expense depending on the situation.

Entries: Owners/riders are responsible for doing their own entries for horse shows. In extenuating circumstances, such as an absentee owner, entries will be made for a small additional fee. Please complete your entry blanks in full with registration numbers, addresses, etc. Also, please mark your stall need on the form. Your extra diligence in entering your horse is greatly appreciated and speeds up the time spent in the office picking up numbers. Also, owner may always sign as trainer, if needed. Please sign your entry blanks.

Note: If training of rider as well as showing and or/riding horse is required during one day, there will be a separate fee per class shown or per training ride for both Full Care and Training/Riding Only.

Shipping Rates: Shipping rates will be determined per mile and by numbers shipped when shipped commercially. My regular carrier tries to make routine trips as cost-effective as possible. Commercial shipping rates vary depending on the number of horses being shipped. Any inquiry in reference to commercial shipping should be addressed directly to the carrier.

Horses shipped in my trailer are based on a per mile basis that is competitive with commercial carriers. There is a $100 minimum when shipped in my trailer. Horses shipped in my trailer are not covered by my insurance as I offer shipping for convenience and not as part of my business.

Insurance: I recommend mortality and major medical insurance for all horses at Skyland Farm.