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WEF 2020 Concludes With Wins

The Skyland Farm team finished the WEF circuit with blue ribbons and great memories.

Even though the Winter Equestrian Festival ended early, the Skyland Farm team peaked with top performances during Week 10, March 11-15 in Wellington, Florida.

Meghan Finlay and Tory Burch

Tory Burch and Meghan Finlay finished with another tricolor in the Older Children’s Hunters. The pair placed first and second over fences and fourth in the under saddle to clinch the win. They concluded their impressive time in Florida fourth overall in the WEF circuit standings.

Leslie Kopp had her best round ever with Carduzo, earning a blue in the Masters Adult Amateur Jumpers. She and Doman earned two blues in the same section and contested the Classic on Sunday, where they posted another excellent performance to conclude their WEF season.

Emma Pell and Catano 29

Stephanie Vazquez and Baby Guinness had top ribbons in all of her Junior/Amateur Training Jumper classes and finished third in the WEF circuit standings for an awesome first show season with the talented jumper.

Stephanie Vazquez and Baby Guiness

With the cancellation of last two WEF shows, Emma Pell decided to show Catano 29 and Santos Saturday and Sunday in the Medium (1.30m) Junior Jumpers in the International Ring.

Emma Pell and Ari 55

Aboard Santos, Emma placed 12th of 43 in the power and speed class. She and Catano posted excellent rounds in two jump-off classes, finishing their first circuit together with confidence and ready for the remainder of the show season at the upper levels.

Emma Pell and Santos

The Skyland Farm team will return home to Virginia and resume showing when the COVID-19 virus allows. Until then, we’ll enjoy the fond memories, education and fun we all had in Florida during the 2020 season.

WEF 8 is Great For Skyland Farm

Leslie Kopp and Doman

The Skyland Farm team continued to post impressive performances during the Winter Equestrian Festival circuit in Wellington, Florida. And Week 8, February 25-March 1, was especially successful.

Leslie Kopp and Doman captured the championship in the Adult Amateur Masters Jumpers with stellar performances throughout the division. The pair posted two beautiful clear rounds and placed fourth in the Classic for the tricolor honors.

Leslie Kopp and Doman
Leslie Kopp and Doman earned the Masters championship.

Leslie also rode Cesar VDB Z to a clear round in the Masters and piloted her Griffin to ribbons in the 3’3″ Amateur-Owner Hunter, 36 and over, section. Leslie and Griffin claimed third in the handy with a beautiful round in tough company!

Leslie Kopp and Doman with Meghan Finlay and Tory Burch

Tory Burch and Meghan Finlay continued to collect blue ribbons in the Older Children’s Hunters, with a win over fences and other placings, including fourth under saddle. Meghan also rode Sofia Car to multiple ribbons in the Children’s Jumper, 15-17, section.

Emma Pell and Catano 29 galloped to fifth in the Medium Junior Jumper Power and Speed class, and Emma and long-time partner Ari 55 placed third in a Modified Children’s Jumper class.

Stephanie Vazquez and Baby Guiness

Stephanie Vazquez and Baby Guinness continued to earn great results in the Low Children’s/Adult Training Jumpers, with a second and fourth among other ribbons.

Great Results at the Great Charity Challenge

It was a bountiful evening for the Best Foot Forward charity during the Great Charity Challenge presented by Fidelity Investments® on Saturday, February 1.

Tessa Brown, Kyla Makloghi and Emma Pell

Skyland’s Emma Pell contributed to the Wild Card #1 team’s fourth-placed finish aboard Santos, which netted Best Foot Forward $80,000. The team consisted of junior Emma, junior Tessa Brown and professional Kyla Makloghi, with team sponsor Ellen and Dan Crown, and the team corporate sponsor Fair Play Farm.

Each team was made up of junior and amateur riders competing side-by-side with top professionals, including Olympians, and each team was randomly matched with a worthy charity.

Santos and Emma Pell

Held at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, the GCC has become a highlight of the 12-week Winter Equestrian Festival and has distributed more than $15.8 million to 256 local organizations in 11 years.

Determined to feature the power of united communities, the GCC is an exciting show jumping event that blends equestrian sports and philanthropy, bringing hope to 40 Palm Beach County charities this year.

Emma Pell and Santos

With riders dressed up in costumes and horses adorned to match them, this year’s theme of “Broadway Musicals” payed recognition to the wisdom commonly found in these plays. From “You can change the world if you change your mind” (Kinky Boots) and “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise!” (Les Misérables), to “If you stand for nothing Burr, what will you fall for?” (Hamilton), all who attended the event were inspired to foster the change they wish to see in their own backyards.

Team Wild Card #1

Emma’s team represented the musical “Hairspray,” and their competitive performance was admirable!

Santos receives a hug from Emma Pell

Fun Times at WEF 3 and the Turf Tour

Skyland riders and horses enjoyed great success during Week 3 of the Winter Equestrian Festival circuit in Wellington, Florida, as well as on the neighboring Turf Tour, hosted by Nona and George Garson at The Ridge.

Leslie Kopp and Doman placed second in the $10,000 Adult Amateur Masters Classic at WEF, with beautiful clear rounds, and she was only fractions off the winning time on Sunday. She and Doman also jumped to the victory in the WIHS Children’s/Adult Jumper Classic on Friday at the Turf Tour.

Meghan Finlay and Tory Burch continued to add impressive ribbons to their collection in the older Children’s Hunter section, placing second under saddle and fifth over fences in a competitive group at WEF.

On the Turf Tour, Skyland riders continued their success, with Carduzo, Noah and Sofia Car all winning great ribbons.

WEF Begins Spectacularly For Skyland

Skyland’s WEF start is beautiful!

The Skyland Farm team began their 2020 Winter Equestrian Festival circuit with success, fun and lasting memories, earning top ribbons and making new strides in Wellington, Florida.

Highlights included Doman and Leslie Kopp rocking it in the Adult Amateur Masters section, including two beautifully ridden clears during WEF 2. With those rounds, Leslie earned a blue ribbon in the 1.10m Table II class and placed fourth in the 1.15m $10,000 Adult Amateur Masters Classic.

Leslie Kopp, Jim Thompson and Doman enjoying WEF

“Leslie is riding great!” said trainer Denice Perry.

Meghan Finlay had a strong start upon her arrival during WEF 2, placing third in the High Children’s Jumper speed and riding all of her classes really well on Sofia Car. Additionally, she was first and second on Olaf in the SFHJA Medal and the THIS Children’s 15-17 Medal, respectively.

Meghan Finlay and Sofia Car
Meghan Finlay and Olaf

Emma Pell is just knocking on the door with Don Stewart’s Catano 29 in the Medium Junior Jumpers after starting their partnership this season. Emma is also moving up to the Mediums with Santos.

“Emma is riding so well and is just a pole away from some top ribbons,” said Denice.

Emma Pell and Catano 29
Emma Pell and Ari 55

Emma and Ari 55 started their WEF circuit during Week 2 in the Modified Children’s Jumpers (1.15m) with ribbons, and Ari also braided up nicely to carry Emma to some 15-17 Equitation ribbons, as well.

“We’re just getting started, but we’ve had two very encouraging and fun weeks,” said Denice, who is also planning to show on the Turf Tour as well. “Also, I want to give a big shout-out to Mosie Pennington on her Small Pony championship on Dreamscape in Lexington, Virginia this weekend! The Skyland team racked up some impressive performances up and down the East Coast!”

Special thanks to Katie Pohlman and Kristi Pell for providing photos!

Skyland Riders Earn VHSA and MHSA Awards

Emma Pell and Mosie Pennington

After a successful and fun 2019 show season, Skyland Farm riders attended the Virginia Horse Shows Association and Maryland Horse Show Association Year-End Banquets and collected many impressive accolades.

During the VHSA Convention, Mosie Pennington received armloads of ribbons, including the Small Pony Hunter title with Dreamscape. The pair concluded the season more than 100 points ahead of their nearest competition for an impressive win.

Mosie also placed third in the Children’s Small Pony Hunter section with Yours Truly and was fifth in the VHSA Pony Equitation.

Emma Pell rode Santos and Ari 55 to accolades in the Jumpers. She and Santos placed third in the Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers and Ari 55 was fourth. Emma and Santos also picked up fourth in the Medium Junior/Amateur-Owner section as they moved up the levels during the year.

Meghan Finlay and Sofia Car finished the season tied for championship honors in the Children’s Jumpers with impressive performances throughout the year.

Emma and Mosie with the Baltimore Oriole

During the Maryland Horse Show Association Awards Banquet in Baltimore, once again Skyland riders captured impressive honors and enjoyed a lovely evening at the Orioles home stadium.

Emma claimed the top two spots in the Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers with Santos and Ari 55, respectively, while Mosie took second place in the Small Pony Hunters with Dreamscape.

Skyland looks forward to the 2020 show season and another fantastic year!

Goals Met at Washington International

Mosie Pennington and Dreamscape

Walking into the Capital One Arena in downtown Washington, D.C. for the first time at the Washington International Horse Show can be daunting. But Skyland riders Mosie Pennington and Meghan Finlay kept their composure and walked out ribbon winners during this year’s competition, October 22-27.

Mosie and Dreamscape earned the reserve championship in the WIHS Regional Pony Hunter Finals, with a second-placed performance over fences during Sunday’s final class in the Capital One Arena.

Meghan Finlay and Sofia Car

Earlier in the week, Meghan Finlay and Sofia Car placed fifth in the competitive $10,000 WIHS Children’s Jumper Final! They jumped clear over a challenging course in the first round to qualify for the jump-off, where they finished as the second-fastest four-fault round.

It was a great week for both riders and their partners, and they all rose to the occasion!

Special thanks to Orlando Cruz and Emma Pell for their support during Washington! 

Dream Results for Skyland at WIHS Regionals & Harrisburg

Mosie Pennington and Dreamscape

The Skyland team split their time between the Pennsylvania National Horse Show and the WIHS Regionals/USHJA Zone 3 Championships in Maryland during October 17-20 and earned impressive accolades at each competitive venue.

At the WIHS Regionals, Dreamscape and Mosie Pennington placed first and second over fences and fourth under saddle for the Children’s Small Pony Hunter championship. By virtue of their consistent performances, the pair also captured the Grand Championship!

Mosie and Dreamscape have now qualified to travel to downtown Washington, D.C., to compete in the Regional Finals class on Sunday at the Washington International Horse Show.

Leslie Kopp and Griffin

Leslie Kopp and Griffin continued their successful show season with reserve championship honors in the highly competitive Adult Amateur, 36 and over, Hunter section. With second- and third-placed ribbons over fences out of 18 entries, they showed off their strong partnership and impressed the judges.

Michele Trufant and Dancing Ollie

Michele Trufant and Dancing Ollie also took tricolor honors, theirs in the 2’6” Thoroughbred section. They earned two second places over fences and were first under saddle for a great weekend in the show ring.

Michele also showed her longtime partner Prime Time to consistent ribbons in the Adult Amateur and Low Hunter sections and her Itchy Garrett to ribbons in all of the Low Adult Amateur Jumper classes they contested.

Meghan Finlay and Sofia with Emma Pell and Santos

Up in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Emma Pell and Meghan Finlay both had a wonderful experience.

Emma and Santos had two clean rounds in the $12,500 NAL Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Final, leaving with a great pink ribbon in a highly competitive class of 29 entries.

Emma Pell and Santos

Meghan made her fall indoor shows debut with a fast eight-fault first round in the $12,500 NAL Children’s Jumper Final and jumped great aboard Sofia Car. Best of luck this Tuesday at the WIHS Children’s Jumper Final in downtown Washington, D.C.

Taking on the Capital Challenge

Mosie Pennington and Dreamscape

The Skyland Farm team went head-to-head with many of the best riders and horses from throughout the country during the Capital Challenge, held September 27-October 6 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Highlights included Mosie Pennington and Dreamscape making their first Capital Challenge appearance and even taking home a ribbon in the highly competitive Small Pony Hunters!

Emma Pell rode Santos and Ari 55 to excellent rounds in the very challenging 1.20/1.25m Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper section. Emma and Santos placed an impressive fourth in the Welcome on Friday with a great round and were ninth in the Classic on Saturday night over a technical and demanding course.

Great job Mosie and Emma on rising to the Challenge!

Many Milestones at Maryland Horse and Pony Show

Meghan Finlay and Chabalouba Sun

The Maryland Horse & Pony Show, held September 9-13, is often considered the beginning of the fall show season. The juniors are back in school, the mornings can be crisp and cool in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, and riders are focusing on the year-end finals. This year, the Skyland Farm team welcomed in the new season with ample victories and new faces.

Skyland welcomed Meghan Finlay, of Oakton, Virginia, to the family with her two horses Chabalouba Sun and Sofia Car. Chabalouba Sun competes in the Junior Hunters and Equitation, while Sofia is a competitive Children’s Jumper.

Meghan and Chabalouba Sun captured the win in the VHSA Equitation on the Flat, placed third in the 3’3″ NHS Medal, fourth in the THIS Children’s Medal and also won ribbons in the 3’3″ Junior Hunter, 16-17, section. Aboard Sofia, Meghan placed second the Low Children’s/Adult Jumper speed class and earned other ribbons in the division.

Emma Pell and F-15

Emma Pell finished just behind Meghan in the VHSA Equitation on the flat, placed second in the VHSA Medal and then claimed an impressive fifth place in the MHSA Medal Finals aboard F-15. Emma also won the coveted Sportsmanship Award.

Mosie Pennington and Emma Pell

Mosie Pennington also shined in the equitation, capturing fifth in the MHSA Pony Medal Final aboard Dreamscape.

“She was awesome in her first finals!” said trainer Denice Perry. Mosie and Dreamscape also earned ribbons in the Small Pony Hunters in a competitive section.

Sarah Freidah’s medium pony Farnley Marathon made his mark in the show ring by earning the USHJA Hunter championship with Denice aboard.

We’re also thrilled to welcome Katie Pohlman to the Skyland team as the Assistant Trainer.

We look forward to a wonderful fall and indoor show season in October and November!