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A Day Cross-Country

Denice Perry and Chacca Blue

Skyland Farm riders enjoy incredible cross-country ride-out in Orange County Hunt territory.

Tricia Booker and Escada

Area farms allow riders to use their trails, and many hay fields include mown paths and natural fences to enjoy. We appreciate our neighbors for letting us enjoy the fabulous cross-country riding, especially Jim and Mary Lea Treptow, Debra and Jimmy Mills and Mimi Abel-Smith.

A hillside with stone walls and logs adds to the fun of a trail ride.

Abundant stone walls and coops are well maintained and offer riders a variety of ways to jump from field to field and farm to farm.

An inviting stone wall with a rustic background.

Many of our cross-country excursions take us by the barns of the historic Hickory Tree Farm, a view that both riders and horses enjoy as we wind our way back home to Skyland Farm.

Hickory Tree Farm

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  1. mellchan #

    How lovely! Gorgeous photos!!!

    September 3, 2012

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